Carson Anne Lewis’ story.

Carson Anne Lewis (maiden name) was born in the rural parts of Massachusetts. Growing up in a family of all boys she had to balance the girly side of her that just wanted to play dress up and fantasize a Barbie dream life with her inner tomboy that wanted to play football in the field with the guys. Having that diverse childhood gave Carson the upper hand to mix her softer side with the inner tough girl who didn’t let a single person push her the opposite direction in life. After a few months of turning the big one eight, Carson decided to turn down a new path in life and move to Southern California where she’d take off with a modeling career that had high pay. Just what this young unmindful soul needed.
Carson is a chameleon in the modeling world, her Native American, Latina and Caucasian heritage lets her exotic features deliver diverse looks! After many years in the modeling business, Carson decided to take on a new challenge allowing her athletic side shine. Carson looked into a variety of big name wrestling industries. The fairly young lady found a company offering signings for eager wannabe Divas. Finally, Carson was signed to EPW (Extreme Professional Wrestling), where Carson looks to make a mark in the wrestling industry. Carson hasn’t given up on her modeling, though! On some days off, Carson works as a part-time model. Other days; Carson prefers to relax at her southern style house with her newly found husband, Jonathan Good, which she now goes by the name Carson Anne Good. Joyfully looking forward to the future the two shall experience together.

(Other information) Age; 27 Height; 5’7 Weight; 115 Date of birth; 8-9-86